How Do You Know When Your Dog Gets Jealous?

Not all experts agree that dogs are capable of experiencing jealousy.

However, a study conducted in 2015 reported that dogs do get jealous, but it’s more based on instinctual emotions, such as guarding the resources.

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They get attached to objects and even people; their response is to lean towards what they think is theirs. It feels good to know that your pet loves you so much it feels jealous. However, it isn’t always a bad thing to have a jealous dog around you. Here are some signs your dog is jealous.

Pushy Behavior

Have you noticed your dog push you or squeeze in the middle every time you talk to a family member or friend? This is your dog’s way of telling you it wants attention. Your dog could also sit on your lap when you are sitting with someone on the couch. Such behavior shows that your pet is feeling jealous. It wants your attention and doesn’t like the idea of sharing you with another person.

Aggressive Behavior

Aggressive behavior is a level above pushy behavior. When your dog notices that the pushy behavior didn’t work, they resort to aggression. This behavior involves snapping, growling, lunging, attacking, and so on. It can happen even when you’re comfortably sitting with your dog, and someone else decides to join you on the couch. Your dog could growl at the other person. This type of jealous behavior is typically directed to other pets and people.

A Trick

Dogs have understood that you love it when it performs tricks for you. It is a result of all those training sessions that you would take it to. When your dog gives you its paw, you give treats and lots of pets. When they get desperate for your attention, they may do a few tricks. Don’t be surprised if talking to a friend makes your dog jealous. It will start pulling random tricks in the hopes of gaining your attention.

Bad Behavior

Tricks earn praise, but jealous dogs don’t care about the reaction you give them as long as you give them something. To them, doing tricks and misbehaving in the same thing because, at the end of it, you will give them attention. If jumping on the furniture and biting your shoes redirects your focus to them, it is a win for them. Dogs are great at manipulating human behaviors.

They Leave the Room

Jealousy comes from insecurity. If your dog feels neglected and thinks someone else is taking their place, they might not act out. Instead, they will leave the room and sulk outside. This behavior means they are trying to communicate to you that something you did is bothering them. According to experts, withdrawing is a sign of jealousy.

Now that you know the signs your dog is jealous, you should do something about it.

You can’t calm a jealous dog like you would a partner. You can’t reason with your dog. You will need to show them.

  • A jealous dog likes nothing more than your attention. They are happy as long as you give them attention or touch them or pet them. If you keep giving them what they want, they will keep indulging in the jealous behavior. You must show your dog that their behavior is not appropriate.
  • To prevent your dog from getting jealous, involve other people in the training sessions. Sometimes, when a dog becomes too attached to one person, they can’t help but feel a strong bond with them. They become overly protective, which turns into jealousy. You should involve other family members in training. Your dog needs to realize that all its humans are important and not just one person. Otherwise, your dog will keep growling every time another family member gets close to you.
  • You must change their perspective. Your dog sees other pets and people as competition. You can do that by playing their favorite game when other pets and people are around. If your partner sits next to you on the couch, give it a treat before they act out.

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