Eagles – A Symbol of Power and War

Eagles are very large birds with heavy beaks and big feet.

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They are very strong creatures, which is why they have often been the symbol for power and war.

From Babylonians to Romans, their likeness has been found on medals, coins, and artifacts.

They are birds of prey which mean that they prey on other animals for their food. They are some of the most powerful hunters, even more so that the buteo. They resemble vultures visually, as well as how they fly, but in contrast have strong feet with huge talons and fully feathered heads. Vultures are also dependent on dead prey, while eagles hunt down live prey. They surprise and overwhelm their prey instead of pursuing them in the air.

They can easily rip through the flesh of the prey with their large, hooked beaks. The strong, sharp talons and strong legs also assist them while hunting as they can easily grab their prey and shred it.

Eagles have a really sharp, powerful vision that allows them to spot prey from a large distance right from the sky. They have really large pupils that decrease the scattering of incoming light, which improves their vision. The Martial eagle has even been found to have eyesight three times sharper and acuter than humans.


Eagles mate for life and use the same nest every year to lay eggs. They tend to make their nests in really inaccessible places to protect the eggs. They incubate the eggs for six to eight weeks. The number of eggs they lay is usually small and their young develop rather slowly.

They reach adulthood after three to four years, which is rare among birds. The males are usually smaller than female eagles and in every nesting, the female chick usually dominates and kills the male chicks. The parents don’t do anything to stop the killing since it is the way their young usually behave.

There are many different types of eagles that live in different areas of the world. These include the Harpy eagle, Philippine eagle, Harrier eagles, Hawk eagles, Martial eagles, Sea eagles, Serpent eagles, and Verreaux’s eagle.

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