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Top 10 Epic Places On Earth

There are so many epic places on Earth that it’s hard to agree on the best ones.

From great mountains, deep and mysterious oceans, and beautiful planes stretching hundreds of miles, the top epic places of the Earth create intrigue and awe in all humans alike.

We have an innate ability to appreciate deep beauty. Some of these natural places can induce deep peace because they ground us firmly into the present moment.

Let us explore 10 of the top epic places of the Earth and describe precisely what makes them beautiful.

1. The Sahara Desert

Spanning hundreds of miles, the Sahara is considered the world’s biggest desert, with temperatures soaring up to 136 degrees Fahrenheit (58 degrees Celsius).

sahara desert

With great dunes spread across the land and a lack of thriving vegetation, the Sahara looks like vast fields of glittering gold when viewed from a distance.

Most of the area covered by the desert is barren and rocky, with only a small part being covered by tall dunes.

Rain is scarce, only up to 3 inches per year on average, and even in parts that receive the most rainfall, it rains a couple of times per week and then stays dry for several years.

2. Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay in English means the Bay of Descending Dragons and is located in Vietnam around a long coastline spanning 120 kilometers in length.

This bay contains thousands of small islands, each dense in jungle vegetation and home to animals and insects scarcely found in other parts of the world.

ha long bay

The vegetation forms a roof of limestone pillars that are a sight to behold and a source of intrigue for travelers and locals alike.

Many islands found near the coastline are hollow with massive caves, while others have other attractions like lakes and floating villages inhabited by local fishermen.

3. Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on our planet and reaches a height of 8,848 meters.

It is situated close to Nepal and Tibet and attracts thousands of mountain climbers from all over the world to partake in skiing, mountain climbing, and bouldering.

Mount Everest

Other tall mountains similar to K2 are considered more challenging to climb than Everest. However, there are still many dangers that people must consider, such as altitude sickness, dramatic change in weather, and gusty winds.

4. Antarctica

Antarctica is one of the seven continents of planet Earth and is home to the coldest and windiest conditions than anywhere else.


Most of Antarctica is icy (98%) and sees little to no precipitation.

It is home to many fascinating animals scarcely found elsewhere, such as penguins, blue whales, and killer whales.

5. The Great Barrier Reef

Spanning over 3000 kilometers in length, the Great Barrier Reef is home to a massive system of coral reefs.

the great barrier reef

Billions of minute organisms huddle together to form this reef structure, which we can observe from space.

6. The Grand Canyon

Found in Arizona, the Grand Canyon invites tourists from across the globe to witness its fantastic rock formations that span 446 kilometers with a depth of 1.6 kilometers.

the grand canyon

7. The Iguazu Falls

Located close to Brazil and Argentina, the Iguazu Falls is a series of 275 waterfalls huddled close together and falling into the Iguazu River.

iguazu falls

Each fall is at least 64 meters long; it is an incredible sight for tourists and locals alike.

8. The Amazon

The Amazon is considered the biggest river globally in terms of water volume, which contributes to around 1/5th of the Earth’s total. Many aquatic species are part of this incredible habitat, with up to 3000Β  discovered species and many others yet to be discovered.

amazon rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is home to over 50% of the Earth’s total rainforests and has deep and varied biodiversity. It has been discovered that one of ten known species of Earth finds refuge in the Amazon Rainforest, which is one of the complete habitats untouched by humans.

9. The Galapagos Islands

These islands are a group of small volcanic islands located in Ecuador untouched by humans and known for the distinctive ecosystem that motivated Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection.

galapagos island

Many boat trips are available for exploring the islands and encountering the vast wildlife that is hardly found in other places of the Earth.

10. The Serengeti

Home to one of the most intriguing animals from the animal kingdom, the Serengeti sees a mass movement of herd animals like zebras and wildebeests of up to 500 kilometers.


Coined as The Great Migration, it is Africa’s most fantastic spectacle that easily makes it one of the top wonders of the Earth.

Final Thoughts

The Earth has hundreds of unique places, and these 10 are up there with one of the best sights you can witness while living on this beautiful planet that is home to us all.

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