Cave of Crystals in Mexico

10 Amazing Things in Nature You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

There are wonders of the earth that are so surreal it’s hard to comprehend the magnitude of their beauty.

Certain things in the universe are beyond our comprehension. These wonders of the earth often leave us speechless in awe and give us a stillness within ourselves that takes us deep into the present moment.

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Let us look at 10 amazing things in nature that you won’t believe actually exist.

1. Shores of Maldives

The shores of Maldives are seen to be glittering fully of tiny microbes called phytoplankton, whose ability to literally glow in the dark has attracted many visits from around the globe and contributed significantly to tourism in the area.

These tiny creatures have developed bioluminescence as a survival mechanism to scare off predators and attract the attention of others to target the predators looking to munch on them.

Illumination of plankton at Maldives

2. Trees Cocooned in Spider Webs in Pakistan

Down south in Sindh, Pakistan, you can expect to find trees fully cocooned in spider webs, making for a spectacular view you’re not likely to see in many parts of the world.

Due to the effects of flooding, millions upon millions of spiders sought refuge in trees and constructed an intricate web structure, which they co-inhabit today.

3. Frozen Air Bubbles in Canada

Canada’s Abraham Lake is the ideal location to witness the occurrence of a rare phenomenon involving pockets of trapped methane gas inside the frozen lake to create beautiful air bubbles that are a sight to behold.

Looking to escape into the environment, these bubbles seem trapped in eternity and invite the attention of nature enthusiasts from around the globe.

Abraham Lake frozen bubble

4. Volcanic Lightning in Iceland

Often referred to as a dirty thunderstorm, you can expect to find a dramatic display of lightning and volcanic ash colliding in mid-air to create an electrifying exhibition.

Expect a fresh set of feelings when confronted with this shocking display of natural phenomena at work.

5. Lake Hillier in Australia

You expect lakes to be blue, green, or clear, but you’re probably not expecting a shocking display of pink in the form of a beautiful, pink lake. This captivating color is not a trick of the light but is speculated to result from high salt levels in the water.

Still somewhat mysterious to this day, many make Lake Hillier a destination to witness first-hand the wonders and marvels of this world.

Lake Hillier in Australia

6. Cave of Crystals in Mexico

The cave of crystals in Mexico is where you can find the largest crystal formations in the world.

These caves have invited the attention of geologists from around the globe and are home to a matrix of crystal structures that are marvelous and aesthetically pleasing.

7. Salt Flats in Bolivia

The reflective salt flats covering an area of 10,582 square kilometers are a marvel you must see at least once before you die. Salar de Uyuni provides a breathtaking view of the sky as you walk on the flat reflective surface, and you can’t help but feel like you’re ascending into the gates of heaven.

Salt Flats in Bolivia

8. Blood Falls in Antarctica

A wonderful and chilling sight in Antarctica is the blood falls, where oxidized iron in saltwater flows down ice-covered surfaces to create a visual display of running blood.

A favorite location of many who can’t help but watch in shock and horror as a pool of blood-like water slides down as part of the beautiful landscape.

9. Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees in Hawaii

One of the craziest sights you’ll find in Hawaii is tree bark embedded in rainbow hues, making up a small part of the tropical rainforests.

Deep and magnificent colors in trees are an unusual occurrence and very visually appealing to any who haven’t witnessed anything of the sort before.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees in Hawaii

10. Underground Natural Spring in Mexico

There is an underground natural spring in Mexico that is essentially a deep pit with groundwater at the bottom. You’d be hard-pressed to find such a beautiful and cozy location where you can hang out with a few friends and even dive from the top into the deep waters below.

One of nature’s finest formations, resulting from collapsed limestone bedrock, makes it seem like the earth was carved away to reveal a deep and mysterious pool of water.

Final Thoughts

The world is full of deep mysteries and marvels that have baffled us for centuries. If you’re lucky enough, make your way to some of these amazing wonders of the earth.

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