Everything You Need to Know About The Rocky Mountains

There are some things that visitors don’t know about The Rocky Mountains.

Soaring peaks and beautiful wild rivers, with an amazing range of fauna and flora.

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Here is everything you should know about The Rocky Mountain in Colorado.

Milky Way

The Rocky Mountain not only looks beautiful during the day, but the night sky view is out of this world. You can the Milky Way from the mountain in the night sky. Since it’s so far away from the cities and the towns, the lack of illumination in the sky makes the Milky Way visible.  It is a location coveted by many astronomers.

Bear Lake

Bear Lake is a high-mountain lake, which is frosted and gleams under the long peaks and harsh winds. You can visit it by walking on a paved road in Colorado.

Grazing Elk

Over 3000 elks can be seen in the park’s highest point during the summer. However, in the winters, they come down to the lower grounds and hang out in the park. The Rocky Mountains are home to different animals, such as bighorn sheep, mule deer, and other smaller mammals.

Sprague Lake

This lake is a small fishing pond that can be reached by hiking half a mile. You can enjoy the quiet sunrise at the lake while you catch some fish.

Dream Lake

This is another lake that is not that popular among tourists. That’s why it’s perfect for when you want to spend some time in solitude. It’s a high-altitude lake, and the loudest sound you can hear at this lake would be perhaps a croaking of a raven.

Glacier Creek

The creek runs down the Rocky Mountain National Park. The highest mountain is almost 14,500 feet. Even the veteran climbers have a hard time climbing the peak. During the winters, the peaks are covered with snow. However, in autumn, the peaks are a vibrant yellow color with gorgeous lush trees.

Lulu City

Lulu City was a mountain town in the 1880s. Some 500 people resided in the town, who worked in 10 mines. In 1886, the city was abandoned, and now it’s part of The Rocky Mountain. It is a ghost town now. You can visit it by doing a six-mile hike to see the remains of a dream long gone but not forgotten because of the silver and other relics found. There are many log cabins with a few foundations currently present in the town.

Colorado River

The Colorado River is amazing if you want to see huge mammals like Moose grazing in the lands. It is one of the best locations to see different breeds of animals that you wouldn’t see anywhere else, like the yellow-bellied marmot. A marmot is a part of the rodent family. They are chubby and often spotted by hikers on the summits, sunbathing and whistling.

You can also enjoy the art galleries and breweries at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. They are filled with different guests that enjoy the souvenirs and delicious drinks.

Hopefully, you’d go to the Rocky Mountains on your next holiday. It’s a sight to see.

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