Natural Wonders in Japan

Japan is an immensely beautiful country, and its natural wonders are a sight to see.

Natural wonders in Japan are far more grand and beautiful compared to any man-made displays.

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Everyone should visit Japan. Here is a list of the best natural wonders in Japan.

Takachiho Gorge

This beautiful 100-meter high basalt rock lies above the blue waters of the Gokase River. The cliffs have moss and overgrown trees, which give the entire area a mystical look. Along the river channel, there’s a waterfall that meets the river. It appears bewitching to the onlooker and gives the sense of mythical appeal.

Tottori Sand Dunes

People usually assume Japan has a tropical island like landscape, but most people don’t know that Japan also has a dessert. One region is engulfed in sands and one of the most popular tourist attractions. Roughly two million people visit Tottori Sand Dunes every year. The sand dunes cover eighteen sq miles and are constantly shifting depending on the direction of the winds. The shoreline of these dunes is six miles long and one mile wide.

Naruto Whirlpools

You may have watched ships and boats being sucked into a whirlpool in movies. If you ever want to imagine or experience how it truly feels, you must visit Naruto whirlpools. Don’t worry! You won’t get sucked into a vortex, but you can get a good idea of how it feels. The whirlpools are 65 feet wide. Due to the tidal surges, they occur twice a day. The occurrence of the tidal patterns depends on the time of the year.

Kabira Bay

This bay is considered the country’s little coastal heaven. It is where you will find beautiful crystal –clear waters lapped against the white sand. The bay is situated on Ishigaki Island and is Japan’s most coveted and beautiful landscape. However, there are many jellyfish in the water, and the currents are very strong. Also, the tourist boats in the water and the jellyfish and strong currents make it impossible to go swimming in it. Kabira Bay is famous for cultivating black pearls. Although it takes a few years to find the pearls, the wait is worth it.

Mount Aso

Situated in Kyushu Island, Mount Ado is a beautiful volcanic mountain in Japan. If you ever decide to visit Japan, this should top the list of tourist activities in your itinerary. Mount Aso has different cone formations, of which the highest is Mount Taka. However, most tourists come to see Mount Naka because it is the most active volcano. It erupts regularly and forms clouds of smoke in the sky.

Yakushima Island

This is another great natural wonders of Japan. If you spend some time on Yakushima, you will find that the island is a haven for animals. It is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It’s because the wildlife on this island is unique. The animals are of the same species, but they are much smaller in size. For instance, Yaku monkeys are macaques, but they are much smaller than their brethren on the mainland. They are fun-looking animals but avoid going closer to them as they can be aggressive.

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is an incredible mountain in Japan. A trip to Japan is incomplete without visiting it. This mountain is so huge that you can see it from your plane’s window.  Besides being one of Japan’s natural wonder, it is considered one of the world’s greatest natural wonders of the world. You can choose to observe it from Lake Kawaguchi or across the Lake in Hakone. You can witness its beautiful icy peaks and grandness from anywhere. If you are interested in climbing the mountain, you can do that as well. The mountain peak looks even more breath-taking during sunrise.

Hopefully, this list makes you go to Japan for your next holiday and visit the natural wonders in this beautiful island country in all their glory.

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