10 of the Fastest Animals on Earth

In the animal kingdom, a few species of animals are exceptionally fast.

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Some having speeds greater than the fastest supercar.

Certain species of birds are considered the fastest animals on Earth. However, some land animals also give great speeds. Here is a compilation of the ten fastest animals on Earth.

10. Kangaroo

This animal, a native of Australia, travels 44 miles per hour. Instead of walking, these animals prefer hopping to go from one place to another and can easily cover 9 meters of distance in a single hop. Typically, kangaroos move at a speed of 15 to 25 mph.

9. African Wild Dog

African wild dog is a very fast animal and one of the most endangered animals in the world.  African wild dogs belong to the sub-Saharan region of Africa and are extremely social animals. They prefer living in packs of up to forty members. These dogs only hunt gazelles and antelopes and possess a chasing speed of 44 mph.

8. Jackrabbit

Jackrabbit is a hare much larger than your average rabbit. It boasts long ears and longer hind legs, making it a lot faster than a rabbit. The hind legs support the hare to make long leaps and run at an incredible speed. In one leap, a jackrabbit covers 3 meters.  When chasing a predator, it can run up to 45 mph. Besides, the speed it moves in a zigzag fashion to dodge its predators.

7. Greyhound

Greyhounds make up the fastest breeds of dogs in the world. They have a slim built and can run at 46 mph. These dogs were bred purely for sports and are one of the oldest dog breeds. The slim body and sturdy legs allow the dog to run at such an extraordinary speed.  Despite their running speed, these dogs are calm and gentle with an affectionate nature.

6. Lion

This animal, an apex predator, is social and lives in a group referred to as pride. The group can contain anywhere from 15 to 40 members. They all hunt in groups and are mostly successful. During chasing its prey, a lion can run up to 50 mph. However, it can only keep up its pace for a short while.

5. Blackbuck

Blackbucks are a kind of antelope. They live in the open woodlands and grasslands of the Indian subcontinent.  They have beautiful and majestic spiral horns. The primary predators of blackbucks are jackals, wolves, and cheetahs. Therefore, they have evolved to run extremely fast as that is the only defense mechanism used by them. They can run up to 50 mph.

4. Blue Wildebeest

Blue wildebeest is an antelope that resides in the woodlands of Africa. It is a mammal known for its grand migration during dry seasons. They are also known for their great speed, helping them evade predators like hyenas, lions, leopards, and cheetahs. They can run up to 50 mph.

3. Springbok

Springbok is inhabited in the dry inland regions of South-western Africa. Springbok is a medium-sized antelope, and it “pronks,” which is the most beautiful thing about this animal. They leap two meters in the air while pronking, making it easy for them to escape their predators.  Also, these animals can run up to 55 mph.

2. Pronghorn

Pronghorn is the fastest antelope of North America and can run at an astonishing speed of mph 55. They run faster than the coyotes that hunt them. Coyotes can run up to 42 mph. Besides the speed, pronghorns are known for their incredible endurance and ability to maintain a speed of 35 mph for a good distance. It is not a common ability found in other predators.

1. Cheetah

Ah, here we have the star of our compilation, Cheetah. Cheetahs are the fastest animals in the world.  This powerful apex predator covers a speed of 75 mph. Their small head, long sturdy legs, and slender body are designed for speed. Cheetahs run like a bullet train, and they accelerate very fast, going from 0 to 60mph in as little as three seconds.  However, they can’t maintain this speed for too long. They can only achieve a good pace in the short-range. Cheetahs also look for the right time to attack their prey.

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