Is Buying a Used Truck Worth It?

Trucks are incredibly useful vehicles but good trucks can be incredibly expensive.

The new truck vs used truck debate has been going on for a very long time, and the winner really depends on your preferences. If you’re planning on buying a used truck, it is only natural to want to know if purchasing a used truck is worth it.

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While you can’t compare a used truck to a new one, there are numerous benefits of buying a used one. If you’re looking for some motivation and some surety before paying for your neighbor’s truck that you had your eyes on for a while, you should go through this list of benefits of buying a used truck.

1.     Cheaper

The first and the most obvious benefit of a used truck is that you can get it at a much lower price as compared to a new one. You’ll be shocked to see how high newer truck models are priced. As such, the chances that you’ll find a new truck at a lower price point are pretty slim. However, when you survey the market of used trucks, you’ll come across trucks in a wide price range.

2.     No Initial Depreciation

Every new vehicle suffers a depreciation in its cost when it is sold. If you buy a new vehicle and want to sell it even a few days later, you will be amazed at how much gets knocked off the price tag. When you buy a used truck, you completely avoid the initial depreciation, which is another factor that makes buying a used truck totally worth it.

3.     More Variety

When you go out to buy a used truck, you’ll have a variety of choices. If you don’t like the look of one truck, you can look for the one as there is no shortage of people who want to sell their trucks. This isn’t the case when you go out to buy a new truck, though.

If, for example, the color you want isn’t available, you’ll have to wait until it’s available at the dealership, or you may even have you order that truck at an added expense.

4.     No Stress About Wear and Tear

As we mentioned above, new trucks are costly, and this makes truck owners super-cautious when loading and unloading stuff from their new trucks. Basically, the last thing they want to do is damage their shiny new truck.

Regardless of how pristine a new truck looks, this sheen isn’t going to last forever. Trucks wear out sooner than other vehicles because of the rough use. Therefore, if you’re only buying a new truck for its shiny body, we suggest you drop the idea and invest in a used truck instead.

5.     Durability

We agree that newer trucks look a lot more attractive than older models, but when it comes to durability, old is definitely gold. Used trucks are far more reliable than new ones. For example, the body of the new Ford F-150 is mostly aluminum, which puts a question mark on its integrity, safety, and durability. As compared to this, the older models of the Ford F-150 were made of steel. Therefore, if durability is your concern, you can rest assured that a used truck will not disappoint you.

6.     More Features

When you’re buying a new truck, you’ll want your truck to be equipped with all the latest features. Every feature comes with an added price, which makes a new truck all the more expensive. However, buying a used truck lets you enjoy a truck with plenty of useful features at a much lower cost.

We agree that the features won’t be as advanced as they would be in a new truck, but they’ll be more than enough to ensure that you get the most out of your truck.

Closing Word

While there is no competition between new and used trucks in terms of advancement, there is nothing wrong with buying a used truck. In fact, we say that purchasing a used truck is a much better deal than buying a new truck. Why? Because you get a model of your choice with numerous features at a much lower price.

The fear that one problem or the other might spring up later is real when you buy a used truck, but when you look at the risk to benefit ratio, you’ll see that it’s well worth the money.

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