What Does A Pickup Truck Need To Have To Be Called The Best?

Pickup trucks are bold, big, and highly capable vehicles.

They possess greater appeal as a family vehicle with a relatively softer ride, more convenience, safety, and comfort. Pickup trucks are rugged vehicles that are an excellent choice for carrying out tough jobs. They are also incredibly versatile vehicles, and their strength and versatility make them an excellent vehicle for whatever you want to do, from running errands to going on an adventure with your family.

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Pickup trucks are available in mid-size, full-size, and heavy-duty versions. With all these options, you’re sure to find a pickup truck that meets all your requirements perfectly. However, if you’re looking for the best pickup truck, we want you to stop for a minute and ask yourself – what makes a pickup truck the “best?”

The answer to this question will be different for everyone. However, some key features of the best pickup truck are:

Cab Size

A pickup truck with an extended cab is more useful than the one with a regular cab. Although the rear seats in pickup trucks with extended cabs are quite small, they’re good enough for kids. However, that’s not where the real advantage of an extended-cab pickup truck lies. An extended cab provides additional storage or cargo space that is nearly equal to that of a full-sized SUV!

The Bed

The bed is what sets a pickup truck apart from other vehicles. The bed of the pickup truck makes it suitable to be used for moving bulky furniture, appliances, equipment, etc. If you’re wondering what the bed length of a full-sized pickup truck is, it’s about 8 feet.

Depending on whether the pickup truck has an extended cabin or not, the length of the bed can vary. Different people may require different bed lengths. Ideally, a full-sized pickup truck with an 8-foot long bed offers the maximum amount of space that you’ll need.


The cabin of a pickup truck is usually high off the ground, which makes it difficult for people to get in the truck. Moreover, the side rails around the bed are also very high, which makes it inconvenient to load and unload heavy items. Newer models of pickup trucks have folding steps in the bumper that allows the pickup truck owner to get on and off easily.

Therefore, when you’re looking for the best pickup truck for yourself, make sure to check whether the truck has steps or not or any other form of easy access to the truck.


Pickup trucks are well-suited to hauling cars, boats, campers, and trailers. However, not all pickup trucks have towing equipment installed. While you can have towing equipment installed yourself, the best pickup truck is the one that comes with pre-installed towing equipment.

The towing capacity of a pickup truck also plays a vital role in its value. The towing capacities of different pickup trucks are as following:

  • Compact pickup trucks: 3000 to 7000 pounds
  • Full-sized pickup trucks: 5000 to 10,000 pounds
  • Heavy-duty pickup trucks: up to 31,000 pounds.

The more towing capacity the truck has, the better it is for you.

Axle Ratio

The axle ratio of a pickup truck determines the twisting power of the rear wheels. Lower axle ratios indicate that a pickup truck has maximum fuel economy, whereas higher axle ratios indicate a good hauling and tower capability.

The best pickup truck for someone who uses their pickup truck majorly for towing purposes is the one with higher axle ratios. Ideally, this truck will also have excellent fuel economy and considerable towing power.

Fuel Economy

Pickup trucks have four-cylinder, large engines. V6 engines provide excellent power, quieter operation, and a good fuel economy. Newer V8 engines offer the best fuel economy by allowing the engine to operate on a lesser number of cylinders while maintaining a steady cruising speed. Modern, advanced pickup trucks are equipped with V6 or V8 engines. So, when you’re on the hunt for the best pickup truck, you should opt for an engine type that suits your needs!


Although pickup trucks aren’t known for their “smooth rides,” the best pickup trucks will offer a considerably comfortable and smooth ride. This is one of the features of a pickup truck that will set it apart from the rest.

Safety Features

The best pickup trucks will be equipped with the latest safety features, from forward-collision warning technology (FCW) to automatic emergency braking (AEB).

Closing Word

The best pickup truck needs to have a full set of features to be called the best. If a pickup truck has enough cargo space, a full-length bed, offers a smooth ride, and is equipped with the latest safety features, there is no reason for you NOT to call it the best.

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