Jack Russell Breed: A Portrait

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The Jack Russell is one of the most widespread, popular and recognizable breeds in the world.

Created by one man, Parson John Russell, in the late 1700’s, the creation of the breed itself is has been very well-known and recorded history.

Deliberately developed as a versatile working dog, the Jack Russell is understandably one of the most popular dog breeds known today. Here’s what you need to know about this lovable breed.

Highly energetic

Even though they may be small, Jack Russell terriers are known to have a lot of energy and feistiness, which is why they need a lot of structured training in their early age. Not at all put off or faced down by even much larger dogs, the Jack Russell can always keep up with the largest, fastest and loudest dogs, and they will even defend themselves if they have to – there is no way they will be put in their place by more dominant dogs!
Jack Russel dog

Smart to a fault

The Jack Russell can easily outsmart the average dog owner; the breed usually doesn’t like to be told what to do or how to act. As a matter of fact, no amount of training can get rid of a Jack Russell’s natural instinct to hunt and run as they love to run and need big spaces to move around in. This is why, despite being small, apartments or small homes are not ideal for this dog.

Jack Russel puppy

Excellent reflexes

Because Jack Russell terriers are naturally very athletic, energetic and love to keep themselves occupied, their abilities make them remarkable at a wide variety of canine sports such as agility. They also have a naturally very strong prey drive, which makes them very alert, energetic and tenacious. In other words, it is virtually impossible to stop them.

Jack Russel dog playing

Three different coats

It is usually quite unusual for a dog breed to display more than one different type of coat variations within the breed standard. The Jack Russel is thus not only unique because of its personality, but also because of its three different kinds of waterproof coats: smooth, rough and broken. Jack Russell terriers with smooth coats have short hair clinging closely to their body, rough coats have long hair and broken coats have a mix of both.

Jack Russel dog at the beach

Special care

Because they have a naturally thin white fur, pink skin and pale noses, Jack Russell terriers tend to be more prone to catch a sun burn in sunny and hot weather. Extra care should be taken to keep them protected and use the right brand of sunscreen or cover up for these dogs when the weather gets warmer.

Jack Russel puppy playing outdoors

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