Greek Diaries: Santorini for First-Timers

Santorini is the paragon of the Greek islands.

A head-turner destination with breathtaking views that hosts 2 million tourists annually.

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The island is renowned for its exquisite views, stunning panoramas, dreamy sunsets, and volcanic-sand beaches. It shouldn’t be a surprise to see it being featured in so many travelers’ bucket lists.

There’s no denying the magnanimous allure of Santorini, and if you’re planning to cut this destination off your list, then here’s all you need to know for your first visit to the Greek island.

Best Time to Visit Santorini Island

While there is no bad time to visit the picturesque Santorini Island, the best time depends entirely on your traveling interests, preferences, and needs. Usually, the tourist influx is high from May to October due to the pleasant weather.

If your meaning to enjoy the glorious Greek sun, then plan your visit in the months of July-August. On the other hand, if you are seeking to have a peaceful getaway, then the ideal time month for your visit should be in April, May, and October.

Best Place to Stay in Santorini Island

Santorini has numerous villages and tourist spots that are famous for its scenic natural beauty. However, for your first-time visit to Santorini, the best place to stay in the caldera edge; built above the sea level, featuring a jaw-dropping view of whitewashed houses and unbelievable splendor of Fira, Oia, Imerovigli and Firostefani villages.

Depending on your travel budget and taste, click here to explore which place is best suited for your first visit to Santorini.

How Many Days Are Enough to Explore Santorini Island?

Ideally, a five-day trip is enough to explore the Santorini island. You will have adequate time to witness the must-see attractions and enjoy the various experiences this beautiful island offers.

Best Things to Do in Santorini Island

Starring dreamy sunsets, volcanic sand beaches, and picturesque views, Santorini is a gifted island with extraordinary natural sights and breathtaking attractions. While it is considered a top destination for romantic getaways, it also has something amazing to offer to all kinds of tourists.

Here is a list of best things to do and must-see attractions to visit for your first trip to Santorini island.


Santorini is lauded for its exquisite wine range; the amber-colored and crisp, dry white, unfortified dessert wines are known as Vinsanto are glorified in all Greek Diaries.

There are more than a dozen local vineyards that host tastings, offer scrumptious food with stunning views to enhance the overall experience.


Santorini is not just an island of paragon natural beauty. Instead, it offers fascinating historical evidence to travelers; the Akrotiri site displays the Minoan city wrecked by the volcanic eruption of 1612 BC. History enthusiast travelers can also enjoy the Museum of Pre-historic Thera in Fira.

Scenic Sunsets

Santorini is a dream come true for nature enthusiast travelers; stunning and dreamy sunset views can be watched from any waterfront seat. Oia is the prime sunset-viewing spot where a plethora of tourists flocks to admire the breathtaking view of a golden sun setting in the Greek sea.

Cruise Tours

Several tour organizing agencies can help to arrange winery visits, sunset-watching, archaeology tours, and so much more. The most approved option is a cruise tour that explores volcanic islands of Palia Kameni and Nea Kameni, including stops at hot springs and craters.

Best Way to Get Around in Santorini Island

Getting around in Santorini is an inexpensive and easy pursuit. Travelers can move around by renting a motorbike or a car or choose a local taxi and bus to explore the island. Any of these transportation modes will provide the utmost convenience and reliability on your first trip to Santorini.

Few Things to Know Before You Leave for this Greek Expedition

  • The official language of Santorini is Greek, but the majority of people can speak and understand English. Moreover, hotel staff is also usually fluent in French and German language.
  • The currency of the island is Euro, and several banks and ATMs are also present to facilitate tourists.
  • The island uses the Europlug or types C electrical plug, therefore make sure to carry an adaptor to charge your electrical devices.

If you are searching for breathtaking natural views and delicious Greek food, Santorini island should be on your next travel list. We hope this blog helped you learn everything necessary for your first visit to the glorious Greek island.

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