Most Amazing Gardens From Around the World

There is no feeling like walking through a beautiful garden.

It makes you feel fresh, joyful, and full of life.

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Taking a stroll through a breathtaking garden can lift your mood and make you feel better instantly. Your idea of a garden might be limited to small backyard gardens or display garden in your neighborhood. You will be amazed to see the size of some of the gardens around the world and the variety of flora that they contain. Our list of the most striking gardens from around the world will surely leave you awestruck!

1. Claude Monet’s Garden, Northern France

Claude Monet’s Garden, located in Giverny, Northern France, is a magnificent garden. It is divided into two parts: a water garden and a flower garden.

It has been named after Claude Monet, the famous French painter who was behind the design of this breathtaking garden. Apart from the pond filled with water lilies, the garden has numerous species of flowers. The climbing roses form one of the biggest attractions in Claude Monet’s garden.

2. Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania

The Longwood Gardens are spread over 1077 acres of land in Pennsylvania. It displays 40 beautiful gardens and has 4.5 acres of land covered in greenhouses. It is home to an incredible 11000 types of plants. The meadow garden is spread over 86 acres and is the most prominent and beautiful attraction of the Longwood Gardens. Apart from this, it also features 20 indoor gardens that protect about 5500 types of plants. Some of the flowers in the conservatory include roses, bonsai, ferns, cacti, and bromeliads.

3. Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, Thailand

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden is situated in Pattaya, a city in Thailand. It is spread over 500 acres of land that display the largest collection of flowering plants of the country. It includes plants from 670 native species. There is a walkway that is 1.1km long that allows the visitors to explore the enchanting beauty of the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden. Some of the plants it displays include orchids, palms, bonsai, and cactuses.

4. Royal Botanic Gardens, London

The Royal Botanic Gardens, located in the Kew district, London, covers 326 acres of land. It features over 50000 species of plants. It is also a world heritage site. There are numerous art galleries, climatic zones, and greenhouses present on-site, which the visitors can enjoy. The most attractive feature of the Royal Botanic Gardens is the palm house greenhouse, which is home to numerous tropical rainforest plant species.

5. Keukenhof, Lisse, Netherlands

Keukenhof, located in the Netherlands, is one of the largest flower gardens in the world. It is spread over 79 acres of land. More than 7 million bulbs are planted every year that make Keukenhof a magnificent sight in the spring season. Keukenhof contains plenty of tulips, which are the flowers the country is known for.

6. Gardens of Versailles, France

Gardens of Versailles of France is one of the largest and the most beautiful gardens of the world. It covers about 800 hectares of land, out of which 300 hectares are covered by forests. Hundreds of acres of the garden are covered with magnificent flower beds. Other than this, there are 600 fountains and 372 statues. You’ll be amazed to know that it is home to about 210000 flowering plants and 200000 trees! It took 40 years for this garden to be deemed complete. It has been recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

7. Gardens of Chateau de Villandry, France

Chateau de Villandry in Indre-et-Loire of France is known for its six magnificent gardens. The upper terrace has the Sun garden, followed by a water garden. Ornamental garden and the herb garden. The Sun garden features breathtakingly beautiful meadow plants, surrounded by lime trees. It has a sun-shaped pond in the center. The water garden has lawn spaces and beautiful fountains, along with a pond in the center.  The herb garden is situated in the lowermost terrace, which has aromatic medicinal herbs and plants. The plants are arranged in a circle, symbolizing eternity.

8. Butchart Gardens, Canada

Butchart Gardens of Canada are a national historic site located in British Columbia. Butchart Gardens contains exotic ponds, flowering plants, and theme gardens. It is spread over 22 hectares of land and has about 700 incredible verities of plants.

Who knew gardens could mean something with the grandeur of the gardens listed above? These gardens form major tourist attractions for the people visiting these countries. One might just lose their senses to the awe-inspiring beauty of these mighty amazing gardens!

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