Swans are majestic and beautiful birds

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Experience the beautiful environment swans live in, their majesty, their black-white shapes, and their love and passion for their families.

Sunny summer afternoons are a delight when you can experience the beauty of nature outdoors under the blue sky by the bank of a pond or lake surrounded by green grass and birds chirping in the trees around you.

You’ll fall in love with the swan families – cob, pen, and cygnet – leading down to the shore to take the babies for their first swim. They also remind us of moonlit nights with couples finding privacy in small boats in the lake to talk of love and stare at the moon, a scene that would remind anybody who’s heard it of the Blue Danube.

This majestic and beautiful bird is known for being graceful and peaceful to look at. Often seen gliding across lakes, the swan represents elegance and refinement. Their elongated, curved necks and white feathers stand out amongst the lakes and rivers they reside on. These large aquatic birds are commonly found in the northern hemisphere, although some reside in New Zealand, Australia, and South America. The majority of swans are found in the northern United States, Alaska, and Canada. Swans are mostly found in temperate environments, rarely occurring in the tropics.

A group of swans is called a bevy or a wedge in flight. Not all species are migratory. Swan species includes: Trumpeter swan, Mute swan, Black swan, Tundra swan, Whooper swan, Black-necked swan, Coscoroba swan, Swan goose, and Cygnus Falconeri also called Giant swan.

Swans are omnivorous birds. They eat underwater vegetation such as seaweed, aquatic plants, small fish, and a mixture of plants, seeds, and berries. Swans also eat insects both water and land-based. The swan is known for its fierce temperament and its incredibly strong wings which can cause dangerous injuries to any animal the swan feels threatened by.

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