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Living with the American Shorthair

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Known as the typical domestic cat, the American Shorthair makes a great family cat.

Easy to get along with other pets and children, the breed also has a very tolerant personality.

Here’s a bit of history and a few points to know what to expect when living with an American Shorthair. 


As its name says, the American Shorthair is from the United States. However, it is said that their ancestors were originally from Europe, as the first recorded breeding of the American Shorthair only occurred around 1904. In fact, the British Shorthair is known to be one of the parents of this breed.

The American Shorthair was brought to America to keep the population of rodents under control. Because it was a working cat and mostly lived outdoors, it was bred to be strong, healthy with a thick coat to keep it warm. In fact, it became a very popular breed because of their hunting skills, and it is one of the first five cat breeds officially recognized in the United States today, as well as one of the most popular cats of the country.

American Shorthair cats


The American Shorthair loves to play, is easy going and a pleasant companion, and is very loving to its family. And even though it is a social breed, it also is an independent cat that doesn’t mind being alone, which also makes it a great domestic animal for people living alone. The American Shorthair, although mostly known as a domestic cat today, retained its hunting ability and won’t hesitate to run after spiders, insects or simply a laser point.

Also very smart, this cat enjoys puzzles and interactive toys. Not shy, the American Shorthair isn’t the type to hide when visitors arrive. It might let people carry them around, but this breed usually prefers to stand on its four paws. The American Shorthair is affectionate and will definitely appreciate being near you, whether it’s by laying next to you on the sofa or at the end of the bed.

American Shorthair cat outside

Living With

The American Shorthair loves to eat, which makes it easy for them to become obese. To prevent this, it is better to measure their food instead of using a free-feeding technique.

This breed doesn’t mind being left alone. It likes company, but also enjoys spending time sleeping by itself. This Shorthair is usually quiet, so there is no problem when living in apartments or with neighbors nearby.

American Shorthair feeding


Because the American Shorthair is a thick, muscular cat, its nutrition must be carefully controlled. Despite the heavy boning and musculature of the cat, it has to be kept at a proper weight so it does not get out of shape. Interactive play is thus a must to keep the breed active, even though the American Shorthair is known for wanting to be active on its own terms.

Daily brushing is also important, especially during the change of seasons when its coat is thickening or thinning. Even if it is a shorthair, knots can be created in its coat if not brushed regularly.

Brushing your American Shorthair’s teeth is also necessary to prevent periodontal disease. Daily dental hygiene is best, but weekly brushing is alright. Trimming the nails every couple of weeks is recommended, and wiping the corners of its eyes with a soft, damp cloth to remove any discharge is also good. Checking the ears weekly is important, and if they look dirty, wiping them out with a cotton ball with a 50-50 mixture of cider vinegar and warm water will suffice.

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