Bulldog puppies

5 things to know before adopting a Bulldog

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Kind-hearted, affectionate, unique looking and simply funny, there isn’t a reason why Bulldogs shouldn’t be beloved.

Although they are adorable and might look like the ideal pet, there are 5 things to know before adopting a Bulldog.

They are shy

Despite their small size, Bulldogs are generally very stubborn, which can make them harder to train. In fact, their stubbornness might be due to the fact that they are usually shy. Socialization is thus an important step to make at a young age. And although they are loving in nature, Bulldogs can be standoffish towards people they don’t know, and might be a little bit aggressive towards other dogs.

Which, again, is why introducing them to other pets when they are young is necessary in order for them to be social. They might also act fearful when meeting someone new, so it is always best to let Bulldogs be the ones to approach a stranger, so it lets them time to become more relaxed.

things to know before adopting a Bulldog

Many care requirements

When living with a Bulldog, it is important to take care of their wrinkles, their eyes, and their ears. Otherwise, these parts can become inflamed, yeasty or infected, which could then cause bigger health issues if not treated. Constant cleaning is needed from head to toe, and it is important not to miss a single spot while doing so.

Using a damp cloth or baby wipes to wipe out their wrinkles will usually do, and drying them by using talcum powder is recommended. Bathing a Bulldog once a month is important. Unless the presence of dry skin is noticeable, bathing them once every two months is okay. Trimming their toenails every couple of weeks should also be part of their care routine, as should brushing their teeth to keep them healthy and fresh.


Heavy and loud breathers

Bulldogs might not be the ideal breed for light sleepers, as they are naturally loud breathers and might even snore at night. Breathing heavy may or may not be normal, depending on the dog, and is usually due to their short airways and scrunched faces.

It can also be a sign of brachycephalic airway syndrome, but managing mild cases of heavy breathing can be done by keeping this breed at a normal weight and controlling their level of exercise. Oxygen therapy can also be used for short term treatment for Bulldogs who are in respiratory distress.

cute Bulldog puppies

They shed a lot

Bulldogs’ coat is usually smooth, short and fine, but they can shed a lot; especially during fall and spring, when they lose their undercoat. An easy way to take care of it is to use a simple soft bristle brush or a rubber brushing glove regularly. Using a special stripping comb to remove the extra hair is also recommended during the heavy shedding seasons.

Bulldog puppies

An affectionate breed

Bulldogs are extremely affectionate, to the point where they might want to constantly be in their owner’s presence. These are very loving, playful dogs, but they can also be quite lazy as they love spending most of their time sleeping.

Because most of the time they require constant attention, Bulldogs don’t do well when left alone. In a sense, they might be the perfect pet for a family as they are excellent with children as well. Bulldogs might not bark a lot, but they will do their best to protect their home from strangers.

cute happy Bulldog

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