The 5 Most Incredible Mansions around the World

We all have imagined our dream houses and carry aspirations to one day fulfill our dreams.

To instill motivation and strive harder to achieve such goals, it is always better to look at those who have already done so.

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Hence, we have curated a list of the top five most incredible mansions around the world to help you get motivated and work harder towards achieving your dreams.

All of the mansions mentioned below are owned by some of the richest men in the world who were once not as rich and worked up their way to become what they are now. So you may want to go through this list and aspire to become such a persona and find your dream home to build one day!

1. Antilia – Mumbai, India

According to reliable sources, the honor of being the largest house in the world goes to Mumbai, India’s Antilia. The grand private residence was built back in 2006 and is owned by one of the richest men in the world – Mukesh Ambani. The mansion stands at a staggering 27 stories with almost 400,000 square feet of area. No wonder the high rise is known to be named the “Cool Mega Mansion” by architects worldwide. Quite interestingly, the original architectural design of Antilia, also known as the Ambani Mansion, was made by a Chicago-based architecture practice firm called Perkins & Will. Hence, alongside some of the most amazing architectural details, the structure has incredible technical aspects. For instance, there is an entire roof educated to air traffic control, and the building itself can withstand an earthquake measure eight on the Richter scale.

2. Biltmore Estate – North Carolina, USA

The largest home of the United States, the Biltmore Estate covers 135,000 square feet of area in Asheville, North Carolina. It is almost 35,000 square feet larger than all the other mansions there in the US. Compared to many newer properties, the Biltmore Estate is an older architectural design built back in the early 1900s for the Vanderbilt Family. The family is known to come from the hereditary wealth lineage of railroads. More so a castle than a mansion because of its classic yet timeless architectural design, the Biltmore Estate has been open to the public for quite some time now. Apart from the whopping numbers of rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and fireplaces, the mansion is known for its credulous library and gardens. It even hosts a winery along with stables filled with known breeds of horses. The gardens being designed by the famous Frederick Law Olmsted, known for designing New York’s Central Park, make it one of the most highly attractive tourist destinations.

3. Palm Jumeirah Beachfront Palace – Dubai, UAE

You cannot really travel around the world searching for incredible mansions and houses and not stop over at Palm Jumeirah Beachfront Palace. This incredible architectural ordeal stands at almost 20 times the size of an average American home with 46000 square feet of area coverage. It is fully functional and packed with 10+1 bedrooms, a 16-seater movie theatre, and a nightclub allowing a whopping 200 people at once together. The design completion of this incredible architectural feast for the eyes took several years, with the perfection of every little detail making it a jaw-dropping sight to see.

4. Villa Leopolda – French Riviera, France

Yet again, the design ideation of an American architect, Ogden Codman Jr., Villa Leopolda, is a beautiful mansion located on the French Riviera. It is now a heritage site given that it was made back in 1931 for King Leopold II of Belgium, who gifted it to his mistress. A 20-acre property features an incredible range of dining rooms, a kitchen, and even a private theater setting like the classic times. On the flipside, to accommodate modern inventions, it also has a helipad, an outdoor kitchen, swimming pools, and a commercial greenhouse. Interestingly enough, because the property is greatly valued, it has several owners and not a singular owner like usual.  One of these owners is the Fiat president Gianni Agnelli and the wife of a Swiss banker Edmund Safra, Lily Safra, who inherited the share after her husband’s death.

5. Fairwater – Sydney, Australia

Lastly, we have this amazing architectural feat of the world located down under in Australia called Fairwater. Owned by the Fairfax family for over 100 years now, the heritage home was then sold for over $100 million to tech billionaire Mike Cannon Brookes in 2018. Known as one of the most expensive properties in Australia, the mansion was designed by a well-known architect of that time in the late 1800s. Being the largest privately owned property at the Sydney harbor, the building has a period finish, stained glass windows, and chimneypieces sticking out, making it look like a castle right out of a Disney movie.

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