4 Amazing Walks to Take In London

London is a beautiful historic city, filled with picturesque buildings from the British Era and the feel of royalty as you explore the streets.

It is known to be home to some of the most prestigious people and sites in the world.

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Exploring the city on foot has its own appeal. You can take your time to enjoy the view however long you may like and even visit places without worrying about taxi or parking. So, where should you start? Worry not, as we have done you the honor of listing down our top four favorite walk routes in London. Have a look!

1. Trotting Along the River

There is probably no better way of exploring London without the fear of getting lost than walking along the River Thames. One of the best reasons why you might want to take this route for your foot-stroll is because it undertakes all the popular and famous sites of London in the world. Starting from the Waterloo Station, which takes you via the Concert Hall Approach, and bam! You have The London Eye advancing out of nowhere, standing as tall as ever. Because you are on foot, you can easily enjoy a layover and ride the infamous Ferris wheel.

However, if you continue along, you pass performance venues like the Royal Festival Hall, the Hayward Gallery, Nation Theatre, and even Queen Elizabeth Hall. You can absorb the art and aesthetic of these locations and move along to cross over probably the most popular pedestrian bridge in the world, i.e., the Millennium Bridge, ending your walk with the picturesque view of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

2. Strolling Through the Market Place

Whether you are a foodie or not, one of the best ways to get accustomed to a busy place like London is to get used to its crowd, particularly in the marketplace. And what better way than to stroll around the atmospheric Notting Hill Gate down the Portobello Road to enter the infamous Portobello Market. You may know this from the popular Hollywood Rom-Com Notting Hill.

Just like the protagonist walks around the market purchasing his regular groceries, you would too feel like the setting is right out of a movie with how the antiques of the marketplace change from vendor to vendor, some selling fruits, others selling vegetables to local fashion to street food stands. The place is like the true representation of the city for an outsider.

3. Marching the Palace Outskirts

There really isn’t a point in coming to London if you do not visit Buckingham Palace at least once. While the palace itself is an epitome of royalty, the surrounding verdant garden like the Green Park is what makes the walk all the more worthwhile. Marching the palace outskirts in the vivid greenery of Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner, home to the Serpentine Lake, takes you to beautiful swimming and café places.

The Princess Diana Memorial Fountain also resides, where you can remember the Princess for her sheer beauty and her golden heart. Diana fans can easily carry along for a longer time to pay homage to their favorite Princess by visiting the Round Pond and Kensington Palace that currently displays Diana’s wedding dress and a new permanent statue of the Princess in the Sunken Garden.

4. Wandering the Little Venice

Popularly regarded as the Little Venice, this romantic wandering takes you from the Regent’s Canal – all the way from the west London to Camden, which is the northwest part of the city. You can easily ask someone to join you as you both grab a bite to eat at Waterside Café at the Warwick Avenue Station. The flower-draped canal then takes you into dreamland with promising views of Browning Island. You may say hello to swans, ducks, and geese as you walk by under the leafy green trees along with the Grand Union. You will then proceed to cross the London Zoo and simply being on foot makes it easier to have a little detour and visit the zoo before continuing along. Now, if you are still on track and on time, you may make it to Camden’s interesting marketplace filled with delightful endeavors of its own.

In Conclusion

Most definitely, the technological advancement of navigation and on-foot mapping has made walking around the city of London a billion times easy. One should definitely take advantage of these benefits and explore the city on foot if you are in town for vacation or for work. It will totally be worth it, Bon Voyage!

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