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Top 5 Things to Consider When Getting a Puppy

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Are you planning to get a puppy for yourself? Here are some important pointers to keep in mind when getting one.

What to Consider Before Getting a Puppy? What Dog Breed Is Ideal to Get?

There is no denying that puppies are the most adorable creatures in the world. With their sweet, affectionate nature, these four-legged companions know how to melt their owner’s heart with just a look. Having a puppy around is always fun, especially if you feel lonely around or want to have a loyal friend for yourself or for your kids.Puppy of an English bulldogWhile owning a puppy is quite a big investment, it can never turn out to be a disappointment if you pick a puppy from a trustworthy dog breed. To further ensure the health and safety of your puppy, here are some crucial things to consider before getting a puppy.

Here Are Top 5 Things to Consider Before Getting a Puppy

1. Is Your Pet Going to Fit In Your Lifestyle?

This is the first question that you must ponder over when looking for a pet for yourself. Not all pets have the same temperament and personality, so it is important that you first study the dog breed before committing to one. Most first-time pet owners tend to choose a puppy on the basis of how adorable or popular they are.Jack Russel puppy playing outdoorsThis is the worst way to go about it. You should adopt a puppy considering many other important aspects aside from being cute or famous. You will have to look into the following aspects, which will help you decide whether the puppy will be suitable for you or not:


• Level of sensitivity
• Tolerates hot summers
• Tolerates cold winters
• Can stay alone
• Good for beginners


• Friendly with kids
• Friendly with strangers
• Loving toward your family


• Level of shedding
• Level of drooling
• Grooming demands
• Overall health


• Prey drive
• Energy levels
• Exercise needs
• Easy or difficult to train
• Moody

2. Speak to a Responsible Dog Breeder

Once you have decided what type of puppy you want, contact a reliable dog breeder that will further help you in making the right decision.

Don’t fall for a dog breeder that is just polite and friendly to you. A good dog breeder is the one that is equipped with the necessary information about all types of dog breeders. According to your needs and requirements, the dog breeder will suggest you the right puppy, belonging to a healthy dog breed.

golden retriever puppy dog

To find out the right dog breeder near you, ask for recommendations from your friends and family or someone who has recently gotten a puppy. They will help you by providing you with the contact information of a trustworthy dog breeder.

3. Make Your Home Puppy-Friendly

Your house may be ideal for your living, but the same space can be deadly for your puppy. Therefore, it is advised to make your living space puppy-proof.

a group of golden retriever puppies

Get rid of all those things that can be hazardous to your lovely pet. Remove toys from the floor and keep them away from your pet’s reach. Safely tuck away electric cords and curtain cords so that your dog can’t mess with them. Bottles of chemicals or any toxic item in your house should be kept in a kitchen’s cabinet.

The indoor and outdoor should not accommodate any plant or flower that can be toxic to your puppy. If you have a habit of leaving your bag open and lying around the house, make sure that you have removed all potential dangers such as sugar-free chewing gum, medicine bottles, etc.

4. Stock Up on Puppy Food, Toys, and Other Supplies

It is not just about buying a puppy and bringing it home. The actual journey with your puppy begins after it comes to your house. You will have to make sure that your new pet feels right at home which is why you will need to have your house filled with puppy supplies.

Little puppy running with a ball

Start with the basics first – get puppy food, toys, and their grooming supplies such as a brush, comb, mitt, towel, and a coat. In addition to these essentials, you will need a basic 4 to 6-foot leash, adjustable collar with an ID tag, ceramic or metal pet bowls, and a dog bed – big enough for it to grow.

If you are not sure what brand will be ideal for your puppy, speak to your vet about it. They will help guide you on this matter more appropriately.

5. Get Ready for an Adjustment Period

Just as you bring a human baby home and expect certain changes in your lifestyle, expect the same when getting a puppy. You may not know it, but puppies tend to cry during nights in the initial growth stage. Don’t think that taking them to their bed to calm them will be helpful. Doing so may infuriate them more.

Give them as much care and attention you can to keep them happy and content. During daytime, let loose your puppy and allow them to roam inside and outside of your house. During the nighttime, train them to go to their bed that you may have especially designed or built for them.

Labrador puppy with a ball. Beautiful dog puppy Labrador Retriever playing with rubber ball on grass

Owning a puppy is not all fun and games; it surely comes with great responsibility. If you want to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of your new companion, you will need to follow each and every pointer that is talked above in detail.

It is also important that you get a puppy of an ideal dog breed so that the puppy you choose possesses good genes and personality traits.Otherwise, living with an obnoxious, ill-mannered, or simply an ill puppy can be difficult for the pet owner and their family. Whatever is your final decision, make sure that you have think it through first.

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