4 Reasons to Adopt a Dog Instead of Buying One

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Adding a new member to the family is an exciting new adventure.

However, instead of buying, you could choose to adopt a dog.

Here’s why adopting is a better solution than buying.

It will save lives

Shelters are most of the time overcrowded. Each year, millions of dogs are euthanized in North America because too many dogs come in and not enough are able to find new families. Since shelters are supposed to be temporary homes, adopting a dog from there is the best way to help more animals in need.

adopt a puppy dog

It will cost less

You’d be surprised by how less it costs to adopt a dog. When you include the cost of vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery and micro-chipping, which can sometimes be included in the adoption fee, you can have a great deal. Considering also than more than 25% percent of the animals in shelters are pure breeds, it’s worth stopping by. But don’t forget that adoption is first and foremost an act of rescue and love.

adopt a cute dog

It will give them a second chance

Even though most people want newborn puppies, dogs available in shelters are as sweet and loving, regardless of their age. A big misconception is that animals in shelters have behavior problems, which is often not the case at all. Usually, reasons explaining dogs’ presence in shelters are related to the circumstances of their previous family, such as a divorce, a move, a new baby or because it’s “too much responsibilities.” Shelters offer animals of all ages, breeds, mixes and sizes.

adopt a dog

It will bring you just as much joy

When you adopt a dog is like making a new best friend. No matter the age, the race, the size or the background, this new addition to your life will change your world upside down in the best possible way!

adopt a dog

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