6 Tips to Take Care of a Pomeranian

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Simply known as a pom, the Pomeranian is a cute, furry dog breed.

It was first bred in England in the mid-19th century.

However, at that time, this dog breed wasn’t the Pomeranian that we know today. Back in the day, the Pomeranian was a large dog breed that was available only in white. Today, the Deutscher Spitz dog breed is smaller and can be spotted in a wide range of colors, including black, tan, orange, brown, and gray.

Pomeranians are descendants of the Arctic work dogs that are found in the Pomeranian regions of Poland and Northern Germany. These dogs were originally used to protect homes, pull carts and sleds, and looking after livestock. However, today, Pomeranians are mainly adopted as loving pets and companions. These dogs are distinguished for being smart, curious, and super energetic. They can bring life into any house with their cheerful presence.

If you own a Pomeranian already or are planning on getting one in the near future, you should know how to take care of this dog breed. Here are some useful ways in which you can properly care for a pom.

1.  Train Your Pom

If your Pomeranian is not trained already, it is important to train him first. This is crucial for the proper development of his personality.

Even though poms are highly intelligent and quick learners, they are quite independent and may not listen to your commands right away. The trick is to be patient with them. You can’t boss them around as this may develop serious behavioral issues in them. Plus, without training them properly, your Pomeranian may turn the house upside down.

2. Feed Your Pom with High-Quality Dog Food Only

Rich, wholesome foods are essential for your pom’s overall growth. Always invest in an excellent dog food brand. If you are not sure what food brand will be suitable for your pom, you can always search online or ask for recommendations from people that own a pom already.

When selecting dog food, make sure it contains all the essential nutrients that help your dog live an active and healthy life. That being said, it still can be quite difficult to choose the best dog food as there are hundreds of options out there. Look for the following factors when picking the right dog food for your pet:

  • Make sure the ingredient list contains protein sources (chicken, meat, etc.) or dairy products.
  • The food label should feature a “complete and balanced” phrase.
  • The food packaging should have an FDA- or AAFCO-approved stamp on it.
  • The dog food shouldn’t contain any harmful ingredients that your Pom is allergic to.

3. Don’t Forget to Feed Your Pom with Lots of Water Daily

Drinking water is an important aspect of the Pomeranian’s daily nutrition requirements. Therefore, you should ensure that your pom has easy access to fresh, clean water daily. How much water you give them depends on their weight.

A general rule of them is to feed Pomeranians with at least ½ to 1 ounce of water per pound of the dog’s weight daily.

4. Make Sure Your Pom Gets to Play and Exercise Regularly

The Pomeranian is a ball of energy that likes to play and exercise to sustain its high energy levels. So, make sure you take your pom for a walk or exercise daily. This will also be a great chance for you to become more active and energetic.

Remember that some poms may develop behavioral problems if they don’t get to play or exercise frequently. Just make sure that when you take them out for their daily dose of fun, it is not too hot. That’s because Pomeranians don’t do well in excessive heat.

5. Groom Your Pom Frequently

Pomeranians have a thick coat that needs frequent brushing – at least thrice a week. In the case of extremely dense and coarse hair, you will probably have to consider combing daily.

Always use a metal brush or a bristle comb to ensure the coat does not get tangles or mattes. You can easily get the ideal brush at any local pet store. When combing the hair, always start from the top and work your way down so that all the natural oils are evenly distributed.

Also, make sure to bathe your pom at least once a month. Use a high-quality shampoo that contains aloe vera or vitamin E as they are a great way to hydrate your hair. Other than bathing, you should also trim your pom’s nails and clean his eyes, nose, and ears with a specialized nail clipper.

6. Watch Out for Common Health Concerns in Your Pom

Even though poms are strong and healthy, they can suffer from a number of illnesses throughout their lives.

Some common health problems to look out for in poms are tracheal collapse and luxating patella. The breed may also suffer from Alopecia X – a skin disease that is often called “black skin disease.” Some Pomeranians may also develop Legg-Perthes (an orthopedic issue), epilepsy, and some common food allergies. Keep in mind that poms are susceptible to tooth decay as well, so make sure you consider dental cleaning often.


As compared to large dog breeds, Pomeranians do not need so much grooming and maintenance. However, these dogs need proper food, water, toys, and frequent care from vets. An untended and poorly-maintained pom is likelier to suffer from life-threatening illnesses. So, taking good care of Pomeranians ensures they live a full, happy life.

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