7 Reasons Labradors Are Good Family Dogs

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The famous dog breed is native to the island of Newfoundland.

Labradors, also known as Labrador retrievers, are a popular dog breed in many parts of the world.

This includes the United Kingdom and the United States. They are medium to large dogs distinguished for their sturdy build. They feature a thick coat in three popular colors – yellow, black, and deep, intense brown.

The famous dog breed is native to the island of Newfoundland, which is now found in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. This famous dog breed emerged as the St. John’s water dog by the civilians of the island in the 16th century. At that time, the strong, robust dogs were used for trawling – pulling a fishing net through the water.

Today, Labradors are typically considered as a friendly pet for families with kids. If you’re wondering what makes them so ideal for families, you have come to the right page! Let’s discuss all those characteristics that make Labradors terrific family dogs.

1. They Love to Play with Children

Labradors love children and they are just as good with kids as they are with adults. They are playful and enthusiastic, which perfectly matches the energy of young kids. This factor alone makes them a perfect companion for kids.

However, if you are adopting an older Labrador, you will need to supervise them around young kids. Not all Labradors are taught how to act around children. Some older Labradors may attack children at first sight. So, you need to be careful and ensure that the Labrador you adopt is well-trained. If not, no worries. Labrador retrievers are highly intelligent and smart. It won’t take much of your time and effort to train them.

2. They Give the Best Cuddles Ever

Labradors are extremely kind and affectionate. Once they get to know their owner, they shower them with a lot of love and care.

These dogs love to be around their guardians. They love to curl up in their laps and snuggle up to them. They can literally be the perfect cure when you’re feeling blue.

A nice, warm cuddle from your Labrador will take all your worries away!

3. They Are Full of Energy

Labrador retrievers possess high levels of energy. They are always on their paws, running and jumping around. If you have a family with hyperactive kids, Labradors can be the perfect addition then.

They can easily keep up with the energy of your kids and keep them from feeling bored all the time. With the Labrador retriever around, your kids won’t ever find the need to say, “Mommy, I’m bored.”

4. They Help You Exercise

Labradors are a ball of energy. They don’t like sitting or resting around for long. They like to play, run, and to simply have fun. Like humans, they also like to stay fit and healthy, and therefore, they need exercise. This helps keep their heart and muscles strong and their weight under control.

They can tag along with families for long walks or hiking. These fun family activities can be a brilliant form of exercise for Labradors. They can easily enjoy hiking for up to thirty minutes. This can also be a great way to inject some energy into kids that may not be so active.

Parents that want their child to be more agile and outgoing can send their kids off for a walk or a run with the Labrador. This not only will help your child become more active, but will help the kid and pet bond.

5. They Help Guard their Loved Ones

With proper training, Labrador retrievers can be fantastic guard dogs. They are protective by nature and ensure that no harm comes to their owner. These dogs have worked for law enforcement in the past. Therefore, they can easily be trained to guard people against strangers and enemies. Because they are loyal and trustworthy, Labradors make sure to keep trouble out of your way.

You won’t have to worry about your kids’ safety when they are with the Labrador. However, please note that the retriever is bred to be a loyal dog, not a guard dog. If you want them specifically for your protection, you will need to train them accordingly.

6. They Have Gentle Temperament

Even though Labradors are supremely energetic, they are harmless nonetheless. When they are born, they are quiet and docile. But, as soon as they become aware of their environment, they become charged up. Labrador puppies will follow you everywhere, jump around with happiness, and chase random things.

However, over time, as Labradors get older – 2 to 3 years old – they start to calm down. Even though they retain their high energy levels, they become gentle and soft.

7. They Are Easy to Look After

Most parents avoid bringing a pet into their homes because of the additional responsibility it puts on them. Some dog breeds demand a lot of personal care and grooming needs. However, that’s not the case with Labrador retrievers! They have very low grooming needs. These lovely dogs have a short coat, which means less shedding and caring.

Unlike most high-maintenance dog breeds, Labradors do not need to be brushed every day. You just need to brush their coat once or twice a week. With no hair tangles, brushing the coat is nothing but a breeze.

As you can see, Labrador retrievers are quite an amiable dog breed. We don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be considered as the perfect family pet. They are loyal, manageable, and so much fun to be around children and adults alike!

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