7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Golden Retrievers

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Golden retrievers are undoubtedly one of the most popular dog breeds. 

They are super fun, energetic, and loyal, among hundreds of other things.

These characteristics and traits are what make Golden Retrievers such popular family dogs and the best kind of pets to have.

As much as we know how cute, adorable, and playful these little furry golden creatures are, or how entertaining they can be when they are in a good mood,  there are so many interesting things that many people probably don’t know about these dogs.

From having an unusually keen sense of smell to having their name changed in the past, here are some of the most fascinating things about Golden retrievers that will help you get to learn more about your furry companion if you have one in the house!

They Make Amazing Therapy Dogs

Apart from being so enthusiastic, fun-loving, sociable, and good-humored, golden retrievers are also extremely loving, warm, affectionate, and caring. This ideal blend of qualities makes them amazing therapy dogs. The fact that they know exactly how to bond with their owners is an added quality that makes them able to offer you great emotional support.

Golden retrievers have been blessed with this beautiful ability to reach out to humans, display a whole different level of kindness, and shower them with unconditional love. This is the main reason why they are used as therapy dogs for people who are going through some kind of emotional or mental trauma. These fluffy creatures can help you feel better in an instant and bring a wide smile on your face.

They Used to Have a Different Name

It is believed that golden retrievers had a different name when their breed first originated and that they were commonly referred to as “golden flat coat” back then. However, over time, the former name was realized to be very unappealing and un-fit for the breed, which is why it was later changed to what they are called now.

They Gained Recognition Really Late

Did you know that golden retrievers weren’t as popular in the past as they are now in today’s time?

Although this dog breed has been around for a very long time, they weren’t exactly known and were neither recognized as an official breed for many years. Finally, though, in the year 1925, the American Kennel Club gave them an official status through which they gained permanent and much well-deserved recognition.

They Have a Unique Sense of Smell

Many different dog breeds have been blessed with a keen sense of smell; however, Golden Retrievers have an unusually unique nose with an exceptional sense of smell. They have been ranked as one of the top breeds of dogs that display this quality, which is why they also make excellent hunting dogs and ideal trackers. From using their nose to find their way back home to tracking different kinds of animals and scents, they are always alert.

Goldies have an ability to smell almost everything that has a scent, and with the right kind of training, they can be made to do so on-command as well.

They Were Created by Breeding Two Different Dogs

There have many theories regarding the actual origination of Golden Retrievers; however, one theory that still stands and has been accepted globally is the story of Sir Dudley Marjoribanks.

The theory posits that Sir Dudley Marjoribanks, later the first Lord Tweedmouth, a member of the English gentry, purchased a Yellow retriever called “Nous” that was basically unregistered. Sometime later, he bred the yellow retriever with a Tweed Water Spaniel that he purchased later. Although the latter is now known as an extinct breed from Scotland, the breeding produced four gorgeous golden retrievers that we know of today.

They Are Ideal Hunting Dogs

Apart from having a keen sense of smell, golden retrievers also have a unique inborn instinct to hunt. This is what makes them one of the most commonly preferred dog breeds for hunting purposes. They have excellent tracking skills, and true to their name, they help hunters ‘retrieve’ things and other creatures.

Additionally, they also have the right kind of physical build and great stamina levels that are much-needed to help them perform at their best out on the hunting field. More than that, they are easily trainable, which makes it easy for hunters to bring out their A-game out on the field with the help of golden retrievers.

They Do a Great Job at Alerting

Although golden retrievers aren’t particularly fierce or aggressive, they will bark incessantly if they see a stranger entering your home. They take their fair share of time to get familiar with a new person or animal, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. They are actually great at alerting people, usually through barking, which is their way of warning you and alerting you of an unusual situation. This quality comes in extremely handy in times of trouble!

After reading all of that, it’s easy to see why golden retrievers are such a popular breed of dog and are kept as pets by so many pet-lovers. From being extremely friendly and caring to displaying great hunting and tracking skills, these furry golden creatures are truly an all-rounder dog breed with some of the most incredible qualities.

If you have a pet golden retriever in your home, you should consider yourself lucky. These dogs will always guard you, be fiercely loyal to you, and shower you with so much love that will truly melt your heart.

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