baby animals

Adorable Baby Animal Facts That Will Make You Go Aww!

What is it about animals that makes our hearts burst out with love?

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Fond of babies or not the sight baby animals still gives one a natural emotional reaction.

Although there’s scientific reasoning behind the love for animals we strongly believe that it’s the basic need for giving and receiving unconditional love that’s sparked by human and animal babies alike.

Let’s see how much you are able to resist that kind of love and awing at the cuteness, once we start with the oh-so-cute facts about baby animals that you perhaps had no idea of!

Communicating Eggs!

Did you know that chicks and turtles before being hatched can communicate with each other as well as their mother, through a natural sound system? Mother birds often leave messages for the chick in the egg.

baby turtle hatching

Trunk Lessons

An elephant baby has no idea how to use its trunk and learn to use it while growing up. In the early days, baby elephants often trip over their own trunk entangled around their legs or end up blowing bubbles as they try to drink from the trunk!

baby elephant

Fluffy cuddle-balls that don’t drown

The baby sea otters are born with so much fluff around them that it literally protects them from drowning. Imagine a baby animal all wrapped up in so much natural fur that all you want to do is pick them up and cuddle! How interestingly cute is that?!

baby otter

Extra Care for baby Koala Bear

Did you know that a newborn koala bear is only the size of a large jelly bean! Also, a baby koala bear has no vision nor audibility at birth.

baby koala bear

Aren’t Pandas just Aww?

Giant pandas are only the size of a stick of butter at birth. The cutest part is their absolute vulnerability, they are both helpless and hairless at birth.

Sleeping giant panda baby

Call them by their Names

Most species of birds have the phenomenon called ‘imprinting’ common among themselves, as do baby parrots. Baby parrots respond to the call that is specifically given to them by their parents.

Also, baby parrots tend to accept figures as parents, whoever they first lay their eyes on upon birth! And in case of it being a human, they will immediately assume it as their family, couldn’t get any cuter, can it.

baby parrot

Picture Perfect

Most animal babies are primarily brought up by the mothers only, but the Puffin babies, like the human babies, enjoy the privilege of being taken care of by both parents. As Puffins are monogamous creatures, they tend to stay together after the birth of their offspring.

puffin chick

Desperate Times, Desperate Mothers!

Skinks, among other lizards, have the strangest relationship with their babies. Although most skink mothers do stick around making sure their babies grow up fine. But at the time of danger to the nest, the skink would eat up its babies to have enough energy to escape the nest!

skink lizard

It takes two

Baby cotton-top tamarins are 99% of the time born in pairs. A single baby birth is much less but twins are usually the case, who are then raised by the entire cotton-top tamarins collaboratively.

cotton top tamarin baby

Reassurance Touch

Bonobos are some real family oriented animals and learn about the importance of their community at a very early age, unlike other baby animals. Baby Bonobos are able to build a relationship, feel comfort and offer and receive assurance through touch.

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