Myths And Facts About Pugs!

One mustn’t believe everything they hear, especially in the case of the docile and charming pugs.

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There are different myths spread around regarding this cute, playful and most lovable breed of man’s best friend.

Today we shall save their reputation and bust some myths.

Monochromatic Vision?? The MYTH and FACT #1

Are you serious? How long are people going to believe this silly and baseless belief about pugs being color-blind? Very ignorant on the non-dog-people’s part and very offensive on the dog-persons part, especially in this age of information! the puppy pug is watching on snail crawling up fenceAllow me to elaborate, pugs like any other dog can indeed see some colors and isn’t completely color-blinded. They do not see the full spectrum of colors unlike us, humans, their color spectrum is limited. This is possible because all the canines are dichromatic, meaning their eyes carry only two kinds of cone cells, that are responsible for the ‘color perception control’.

Whereas, humans and certain other primates are Trichromatic, meaning they have three kinds of cone cells. So, according to scientists, pugs’ vision is similar to a person with red-green color blindness.

Proptosis. The MYTH and the FACT #2

A very interesting myth about pugs is that they can bulge out their eyes off their sockets every now and then. This is true only to the point that they pop out when force is applied to them, like in case of an accident. This popping out of eyes is called Proptosis and commonly occurs in brachycephalic breeds of dogs like the Pugs.

But not to worry it isn’t like they keep frequently self-falling out a misinterpretation. With immediate medical attention in the face of such an accident, the pug would be just fine.

Typical Pug dog in the spring garden

Chocolate for the Good Boy? The MYTH and FACT #3

With all the junk food addictions we all have these days, we often find dog-owners feeding their pets with human foods such as ice-cream, crackers, potato chips and then comes chocolate. Do you really think you should treat this brachycephalic species of dog with Chocolate?

two pug puppiesAbsolutely not! This cannot be any further from the truth as chocolates are in fact harmful to your pug. Chocolate in any form contains Theobromine, formerly known as Xantheose is harmful enough to kill the dog!

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so in order to prevent any such accidents completely eliminate any form of chocolate from your dear dog’s diet and also keep your chocolates far from the reach of your pooch.

Control and Stop Shedding. The MYTH and FACT #4

Considering how small and short-haired these pugs are the amount of hair they shed is astonishing. There are several myths in regards to this that have been circulating about how one can control and stop pugs shedding.

Truth? You cannot stop it at all, it’s only natural for them to shed hair, but what you can do is keep your vacuum and other cleaning tools ready to deal with this.

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