The Balinese Cat: Everything You Need to Know

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Other than being sociable and opinionated, the Balinese cat is a smart, loyal and interesting breed.

If you desire a cat who will enjoy your company and actually wait for you to come home from work, here’s everything you need to learn about this feline.

Balinese Cat

Firstly imported in the U.S and the U.K from Thailand in the mid-1800s, the Siamese cats were the original ancestors of the Balinese cat, as some of them carried the recessive long-haired gene. However, the Balinese cat’s name was chosen in honor of the island of Bali as a reference for the graceful Balinese dancers.

Balinese cat indoors

Life Span

Most Balinese cats live from 10 to 15 years. The life expectancy of a cat is based on the lifestyle, the diet, the environment, and genetics.

The Balinese cat sitting in the grass

Very Popular Breed

Often mistaken for Javanese cats because of the similarity of their coats, the Balinese remains a very on demand cat; they’re not only elegant, intelligent and charming, but also outgoing, playful and affectionate, which makes the breed stand out from your typical not-caring and too independent cat. In fact, Balinese cats were first registered as show cats at the American Cat Fanciers Federation (CFF) because of their beauty in the 1920s.

The Balinese cat in a tree



In general, Balinese cats have slender bodies, long hair, legs and tails, and pointed ears. As for the head, two types can usually be found. First, there is the traditional type, also known as the “apple-head”, and the modern type with a wedge shaped head. This newest type of Balinese cats also usually have broader ears, a longer muzzle and a more elongated body. Nevertheless, no matter the type, they are all built athletically, as they are quite acrobatic and active.

Balinese cat

Coat and Color

Like most of cats, Balinese kittens are born pure cream or white and then develop darker points in the colder parts of their bodies, including the face, the ears, the paws and the tail. Their colour usually intensify at around four weeks old, and some become darker with age. Because they originated from the Siamese cat, their colour is similar and they have the same type of coloration. Their fur is soft, silky and medium length, perfect for both warm and cold climates. As a matter of fact, adult Balinese cats living in warmer climates have lighter coats than those in cooler climates.

The Balinese cat
Beautiful balinese cat


Balinese cats are playful and talkative. They want to be involved in everything that’s going on at home; they’ll share their opinion and will make sure you’ll hear it. They love attention, which can sometimes make them a little dominating. For this reason, their owner must provide a daily basis physical and mental exercise. Balinese cats are also great learners and can learn new tricks very fast. They are considered among the most intelligent of all long-haired cat breads. But even though they may look high-maintained and aristocratic, they are fun and silly at heart.

The Balinese kitten

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