All You Need is Love and a Dog

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A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than you love yourself!

For dog lovers, life with dogs is the only way to live, and the greatest gift dogs can give their parents is unconditional love.

Discover more fascinating facts about dogs down below.

Unconditional Love

No matter what, dogs love you unconditionally. Loving others unconditionally is a difficult task, and only dogs have such great gift! It’s the gift that would surely make the world a better place if we all just could have dogs’ hearts!

Man’s Best Friend

Companionship, devotion, happiness, and the most obvious thing that dogs give us is unconditional love! Here are some reasons why a dog is a man’s best friend:
They don’t hold grudges
They don’t judge you
They are loyal
They are always happy to see you and spend time with you

An Unbreakable Bond

There is no greater gift than the love of a dog! Being kind, loyal, understanding, there for you through the years, in good times and bad times, dogs have managed to form an unbreakable bond with their families! Get even closer to your dog by spending more time together, be playful and pay close attention to what your dog likes or dislikes.

They teach us to live life to the fullest

Live for today and rest for tomorrow, connect with others, forgive, make every day special, learn to share (your food, your snacks, your bed – share everything ALWAYS), live the moment, and don’t forget to shower everyone with …love!

Get Healthy, Get a Dog

Hanging out with your four-legged friend can do wonders for your well being. Adopting and sharing your life with a dog has many benefits:

• Lowers stress
• Lowers blood pressure
• Speeds up recovery
• Encourages exercise
• Improves your social life
• Decreases allergy risks

Accept Yourself

You never see a Chihuahua wishing they were a collie. Dogs accept themselves as they are without thinking other dogs are better or different. They are happy with who they are and accept and love us for who we are.
Their unconditional love, innocence, loyalty, and companionship cannot be matched by any human standards.

It’s your heart that matters, not your ego

The more love the better. Dogs teach us to give all we got. They just go for it. Each day could be the last, so don’t waste it with concerns and things that are not important. Make the day matter with something that you care about. Let your good intentions and actions be guided from your heart, not from your ego.


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