Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Facts You Didnt Know

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Known for its silky coat and angelic look, the Yorkshire terrier might be small in size, but has a big personality.

The breed, which originated from Scotland before relocating to the city from the same name in England, is also full of interesting facts you might have never heard of.

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Different time, different name

Believe it or not, Yorkshire Terriers used to have a different name. Before being brought to England, they were known as Broken-haired Scotch terriers in Scotland for almost a decade. But because most of their development took place in Yorkshire, England, their name changed in 1870 and hasn’t changed ever since.

Yorkshire terrier being cute

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Yorkies’ small size and agility were very helpful during the mid-1800’s, as they were bred for catching rats in mines. They were also effective to borrow underground after badgers and foxes. Today, although smaller and solely known as companion dogs, Yorkshire Terriers still have enough feistiness to be great exterminators.

three Yorkshire terrier sitting on the grassSmallest dogs of all times

Famous for being small, Yorkshire Terriers have in fact won multiple times throughout history the record for being the smallest dog to exist. The first one was named Sylvia, who held the Guinness World Record for the smallest living dog at only aged two in the 1940s. Then came Big Boss, who held the record from 1995 to 2002 and before that, Thumbelina was another Yorkie who had also won the title.

Yorkshire terrier outdoors

First registered breed

Even though they aren’t the oldest breed, they have been one of the first original breeds of the American Kennel Club (AKC) IN 1885. They have been registered with old and classic breeds such as the beagle, the bull terrier and the basset hound.

adorable Yorkshire terrier

Unique coat

One of the features that differentiates Yorkies from other dog breeds is the fact that their coats resembles human hair. In fact, just like humans, their hair keeps growing if not taking care of and without constant grooming. Because of this, it’s important to brush their hair every day to avoid the risk of finding knots in their coat.

funny Yorkshire terrier
close up portrait of pretty sweet small little dog Yorkshire terrier in collar sitting outdoor dress on the spring sunny summer background

Funny noises

Yorkshire Terriers are likely to have a pharyngeal gag reflex, also known as reverse sneezing. This causes them to gasp for air instead of pushing the air out of their nose. While it may sound alarming, these noises only last a few minutes and are harmless. Dust, perfumes and pollens can be irritants for the breed.

cute Yorkshire terrier puppy

Loyal to the bone

Not only confident despite their size, Yorkies have the reputation of always wanting to protect their owners. This loyalty they have in common with other breeds such as Labradors and Golden Retriever makes them prefer to remain beside their owner’s side all the time. Moreover, the fact that they are loyal makes excellent watchdogs as they have a great sense of hearing and won’t be shy to alert their owner when an intruder is close.

Yorkshire terrier dogs
portrait of two happy friends yorkshire terrier puppy in clothes on nature background

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