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Interesting Facts About The Siamese Cat

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One of the most well-known breed, the Siamese cat is a beautiful, mysterious and spirited oriental animal.

Both a companion and show cat, the Siamese is vocal, curious, smart, and easily one of the most popular and in-demand pet.

Here are some interesting facts to learn more about this highly recognizable breed.

Old breed

The Siamese cat is one of the oldest cat breed known to have existed. Originally from Thailand, there has been proof that breed’s existence started around the 14th century. The Siamese was known for being loved by royal families because of its unusual features and unique appearance. In fact, regal cats were found in ancient manuscripts which dated from as far as 1350. The breed then made its first appearance in the Western Hemisphere in 1871 at London’s Crystal Palace, which raised its popularity, and the Siamese was then brought to the United States in 1878.

Siamese cat lying down

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Various Body Types

Two body types can be found when it comes to the Siamese cat. The first one is more traditional and will include a round shaped-head and a larger body. The second type of body, which is more classic, is a smaller sized Siamese with a more triangular face. However, now, a third type a body also exist, which is a genetically engineered blend of traditional and classic. This body type includes large pointed ears, slender bodies and long noses.

Siamese cat playing

Temperature-controlled tips

Known for its pointed fur coats, this pattern is the result of the Siamese cat’s genetic mutation. Although, when younger, the Siamese is born almost completely white with only hints of its adult coloration. When it reaches approximately one year old, its light-colored coat begins to have darker points to the ears, the face, the legs and the tail. In fact, its signature bright blue eyes, its physique and its coat color all explain why the Siamese cat is arguably the most recognizable cat breed in the world.

Unique voice

The Siamese is renowned for its voice. Very vocal, this breed isn’t afraid to express its desires and feelings with other cats and its owner. Moreover, this cat has an assortment of specific meows for specific needs and is not shy to use them. Highly intelligent, it is also possible to teach a few tricks and to make a Siamese understand simple commands. This is why the Siamese cat is good for people who want a companion to chat and play with.

Siamese cat outdoors

Attention lover

Although it might not be the most affectionate breed, the Siamese does love a good amount of attention and crave companionship. It should be no surprise for an owner of this breed to find their cat following them from room to room; Siamese cats don’t do too well when being left at home alone for too long. If so, they will become sad and lonely. But because of their calm, social and loving nature, this breed does very well with children as a family pet.

beautiful Siamese cat

 Longest life expectancy

Of all the domestic breeds, the Siamese cat has one of the longest life expectancy. As an indoor cat, the Siamese can live up to 20 years. However, a purebred can develop problems with gingivitis, so it is important for an owner to pay attention to its dental hygiene often, and to brush its teeth weekly.

Beautiful Siamese kitten

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