American Bobtail Cat

Is American Bobtail Cat Right for You?

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American Bobtail cats are the result of a natural genetic mutation that causes a shortened tail. 

In fact, it is a new breed that features beautiful colors and patterns like cinnamon, brown, chocolate, black, fawn, red, cream, and blue, with or without white.

American Bobtail cat

The American Bobtail cat has a medium length double coat, a short and thick tail, and a playful and friendly personality.  The American Bobtail cat varies in size from medium to large and matures slowly, taking 2 to 3 years to reach his adult size.

The American Bobtail cat is a glamorous looking cat breed that is both intelligent and loving. This cat has a unique yet wild appearance that makes it super desirable among families. These cats are furry with a unique bobtail measuring 1 to 4 inches long, but they can be shorter or longer.

american bobtail

They are also very interactive and are fond of playing with their human parents. American Bobtails are great hunters by nature and can be seen showcasing their skills by catching flies in midair. These talented cats can play hide and seek on hours end without getting tired or bored. They can even learn to play fetch!

American Bobtail Cat

What’s more is that these cats crave human companionship and if left alone for a long time, they will get upset. The American Bobtails are highly social and get along with kids and even the family dog. These cats are also great comforters, providing company and support to their human parents in times of need. If they find their owners crying or whining, they will sit right next to them so they could feel better.

American Bobtail orange cat
A photo of funny red american bobtail cats three monthes old on blured background

Keeping your American Bobtail indoors is best for them, as well as neutering or spaying, and providing scratching posts for the natural behavior of scratching are essential elements for maintaining a healthy, happy, and long life. Lifespan for this loving breed is 11 to 15 years. Find out more by installing My Cats new tab.

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