8 Reasons Why My Dogs New Tab Should Be Your Browser Homepage

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1. My Dogs is the most popular dogs new tab Google Chrome extensions with 131 000 users at the moment.

2. The extension is rated four stars by 209 users.

3. The word “love” shows up in 32 users’ comments, “the best” in 16 and “amazing” in another 10 rating opinions in Google Chrome Store. So there is more than 99% chance that you’ll adore My Dogs new tab extension too.

dog wallpaper

4. My Dogs was made with love for all the dog lovers all over the world. My Start team has a distinctive passion for dogs and put together the best ingredients to create the new tab extension that only a dog lover can do.

5. You’ll never be in a bad mood as every tab that you open will make you smile, will bring an instant joy and positive thoughts. We experience this “mood lifting” effect every day, consequently, it is guaranteed. If you don’t experience that, contact us, we will tell you a joke.

dog wallpaper

6. If you’re loving your “Bailey”, “Abby”, “Daisy”, “Lucy”, “Lucky” or little “Angel” you can upload your dog’s photo in the new tab extension and you’ll notice that your dashboard is not only gorgeously looking but it is also very dear to you.

puppy wallpaper

7. With My Dogs new tab extension, you’ll never stop learning something new about numerous dogs’ breeds. Just take a couple of minutes every time you open a new tab and read the short description that appears in the bubble under the title. Henry Ford said that anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty and anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.

happy dog wallpaper

8. You’ve got all the best perks with My Dogs. You can easily access your bookmarks, apps, recently closed or visited websites. The time, weather and to-do features keep you on track with reality. You can even listen to chill music with one click while you surf the web. Fast search engine Yahoo! or Google and all kind of shortcuts such as “Dogs for sale”, “Dog accessories”, “Peta”, “Talking dog videos”, “Veterinarian”, “Dog grooming”, “Pet insurance”, and many more are incorporated into the new tab extension so you can save some extra time to play with your dog, spend with friends, or just do your favorite thing.

dog wallpaper

What are the reasons that make My Dogs new tab be “the one” for your browser?

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