The Most Adorable Extension: My Baby Animals

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A boost of cuteness, fresh fun facts, and a great mood are guaranteed with MyBabyAnimals new tab Chrome extension available this summer!

Zootherapy is now available in the virtual world.

Isn’t that wonderful?! You don’t need to go to the zoo anymore to laugh at a chimpanzee’s grimace, sigh at how pretty the baby koalas are or be amazed of the height of a giraffe. All benefits of the virtual animal assisted therapy comes in one package called “MyBabyAnimals” new tab. Every wallpaper will bring a smile to your face and the description on the bottom of the picture provides a new fun fact so you can surprise your friends with cool data. Additionally, MyBabyAnimals new tab contains all the benefits of MyStart new tab extensions such as weather forecast, customizable dashboard, time, Yahoo! or Google search and many other features.

Summer vacation is the perfect time for new discoveries. MyBabyAnimals is an innovative encyclopedia devoured by old and young with pleasure and curiosity.

We’ve selected five of the cutest MyBabyAnimals new tab pictures to brighten up your day and bring cuteness into your computer:

1.Giant panda baby

Fun fact : Giant panda baby is the smallest mammal newborn relative to its mother’s size.

panda wallpaper

2. Playful lambs

Fun fact: Sheep have very good memories and can remember at least 50 individual sheep and humans for years.

lamb wallpaper

3. Lion cubs

Fun fact: All of a pride’s lionesses are related, and female cubs typically stay with the group as they age, while the males leave to find another pride.

lion wallpaper

4. Red kitten with little duckling

Fun fact: Ducklings become independent after about two months when they grow feathers that enable them to fly.

cat duck wallpaper

5. Brown bear cub sitting in the forest

Fun fact:  A brown bear cub can weigh 200 pounds by the time it is one year old.

bear wallpaper

If you’ve seen some resemblances of any baby animal and your friends, don’t hesitate to share the picture and tag your friend! This will definitely make their day!

This summer is going to be so cute with MyBabyAnimals. You can download the new tab extension in Google Chrome store for free right here. Enjoy!

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