Earth Day Is Every Day With My Start

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Hello, Earth! Today is your day. Now is your moment.

You spoil us with your beauty and you remind us every instant of how powerful you are.

You are the home-the place we’ve seen the light for the first time and the place we become dust.

Today we praise your majesty and remind ourselves that every day is your day. My Start new tab Chrome extensions are the virtual promoter of the most fascinating phenomenon of the Universe: You-Earth!

Meet some of the New tab Chrome extensions glorifying the most beautiful and dear place in the whole Universe and beyond it:

  1. My UniverseEarth Day
  2. My StartMy Start Image
  3. My Baby AnimalsMy baby animals images
  4. My Singing BirdsMy Singing Birds images
  5. My MountainsMy Mountains Photos
  6. My Dolphins My Dolphins pictures
  7. My Dogs and CatsMy Cats and Dogs images
  8. My ButterfliesMy Butterflies images
  9. My Tropical Beach My Tropical Beach images
  10. My FlowersMy Flowers pictures

Install one of these amazing new tab Chrome extensions to discover the secrets of this wonderful world!

Happy Earth Day!

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