Moose – The Biggest Species of Deer

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When it comes to the different species of the deer, there is no other that is bigger than the moose.

With incredibly huge antlers that can spread from 6 feet from one end to the other, the moose is the most fearful species of deer there is.

Adult Moose can stand as tall as 2.3 meters. Their huge bodies are covered in a dark brown coat of fur and they have long square faces with large ears which give them a very good sense of hearing. Moose also have a flap of skin that is protruding from their throats known as a bell which gives them a sort of characteristic look.

The male moose are also known as the bull moose because of their ability to grow the large horns. Female moose cannot grow horns.

Moose are very tall animals so they prefer to eat tall grass. This is because they find it too difficult to get to the grass on the lower ground. Winter season finds them eating shrubs and pine cones due to the unavailability of tall grass but they will make an effort to scrape away snow in order to get to the mosses and lichens growing underneath.

Moose are equally agile when it comes to being on land and being on water. Although they are primarily land animals, they can swim pretty well and paddle for several miles at a time if they need to. They can even submerge themselves underwater and stay there for as long as half a minute.

For their large size, moose are surprisingly nimble when it comes to their speed on land. They can easily run at speeds as high as 35 miles per hour over short distances but they trot at a steady 20 miles per hour.

Moose are usually solitary animals except for the mating seasons. The adult males bellow loudly when the mating season arrives and they fight other males quite brutally in order to assert dominance but early on in a moose’s life, it shares a strong bond with the mother.

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