Top Dog Names

Most pet parents consider their dogs to be a member of their family.

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What you name your pet dog will go a long way, and therefore, you must choose a name carefully.

The name you choose should be easy on the tongue and shouldn’t be something that you feel shy saying out loud in public. Here, we have some top dog names listed to make things easier for you!

Let’s dive into it!

Choosing the Perfect Name For Your Dog

Did you know that there is science behind naming your dog? Choosing a name for your new furry member of the family is a personal journey. You need to take your personality and your dog’s personality into consideration before settling on a name. The name you choose for your dog should work for both you and your dog, after all!

Make a list of potential dog names, but before you can finalize it, you must test them out with your dog. Call the name out loud in different tones and see if it feels comfortable to say and if your dog is responding to it. The name shouldn’t require excessive tongue rolling. It should feel natural to call out.

Once you’ve practiced saying the name, the next thing is to check if your dog approves of it. Call your dog out with the name you intend to use and evaluate your dog’s reaction. Does the name cause the dog’s ears to perk up or its tail to wag? If yes, it means that you can train your dog to get used to it.

Importance Of Dog Name In Dog Training

Dogs prefer short names and are more likely to respond to them. Names that contain hard consonants like k or c are difficult for the dogs to distinguish from their surrounding sounds. Moreover, names that are similar to commands in sound aren’t a good option either. For example, the dog name Ray is similar to stay, and Kit is similar to sit. Names like these will only confuse your pet.

Top Dog Names

While dog names like Tommy and Casper are super common, the trends are now changing. Surprisingly enough, the popularity of dog names changes over time. The top dog name today may not be the most popular dog name tomorrow. People have made it a common practice to name their dogs after characters of trending movies, cartoons, and shows. After the release of the animated movie Frozen, Olaf became one of the top trending dog names.

So, don’t be surprised if you hear your neighbor calling their dog by the name of your favorite character from Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad. Ghost, Tyrion, and Heisenberg aren’t that bad actually when it comes to dog names, so they’re definitely names that you can consider.

To our surprise, we also came across dogs that were named after food and drinks. From 2013 to 2014, there was a massive 37% rise in food-themed dog names. Many people also give human names to their dogs. We’re sure you must have come across at least one Edward or Jesse (dogs, not humans)!

Some people get lucky. They don’t name their dogs right away. They spend time with their pet dogs, get to know them, and then come up with an inspired name. However, if you just can’t think of a catchy name for your dog, the list of some top dog names will surely help you pick one:

Male Dog Names

  • Max
  • Charlie
  • Milo
  • Buddy
  • Oscar
  • Toby
  • Teddy
  • Jack
  • Archie

Female Dog Names

  • Coco
  • Lucy
  • Bella
  • Molly
  • Ruby
  • Bailey
  • Rosie
  • Lola
  • Daisy

Just like you would put in a lot of thought naming your baby, you should do the same for your pet dog. The name will stay with you for as long as your dog is alive and even after it bids farewell to you for good. The name you choose for your dog should be familiar and fill your heart with warmth!

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