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The four basic elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire give birth to thrilling landscapes that surround us wherever we are.

The human eye can only capture a fraction of nature’s continuous change.

Now high quality photo cameras can immortalize breathtaking pictures, capturing all nature’s states and splendor. Photos of oceans, beaches, rivers, lakes, mountains, deserts, wetlands, plants, animals, sunsets, sunrises, hills, waterfalls, trees, forests, skies and clouds represent the harmony our earth creates.


Reflecting on these images draws an inner peace we can experience from within. Nature’s harsh physical reactions such as lighting, aurora, tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones, rain, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis bring conflict and chaos. However, they too take their part in nature’s cycles of change.

The wondrous nature of our world is one click away. There is no need to travel great distances to appreciate the spectacular landscapes, sea world or flora and fauna of a particular region. You can enjoy new background wallpaper images of nature with every new tab.

Paria Desert Wave
Paria Desert Wave

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