The Most Unusual Waterfalls In The World

You might have heard and even seen some of the highest waterfalls in the world.

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However, the earth is a never-ending mystery that will surprise you at every turn.

There are numerous waterfalls that are relatively unknown, which are surreal, weird, and truly unusual. We’ve listed down some of the most mind-boggling waterfalls of the world that will leave you thinking – what more secrets have this earth kept hidden?

1. Underwater Waterfall – Mauritius

Located in southwest Mauritius is a truly magnificent illusion of an underwater waterfall. It is merely a deceptive impression that is created due to the sand runoff and silt deposits. When seen from above, it appears like a massive waterfall underwater or the entire island being sucked into the ocean. It is purely a sense of three-dimensionality that is simulated by the spectacular range of green, blue, and white colors of the ocean.

Although it is only an illusion, the underwater waterfall of Mauritius has something truly magical about it.

2. Baatara Gorge Waterfall – Lebanon

The Baatara Gorge Waterfall was discovered in 1952. It is located on the trail of Lebanon Mountain. It falls 255 meters into the pothole cave that is made from Jurassic limestone. What makes the Baatara Gorge Waterfall unusual is the pattern in which it falls. It is a 90 to 100 meters long waterfall that falls behind three bridges before falling into the abyss. It truly is a majestic sight to see.

3. Hasavu Waterfall – Arizona

The stunning 37 meters long Hasavu Waterfall in the Hasavu Canyon Creek located in Arizona is one of the most unusual waterfalls of the world, not because of the quantity of water or its size, but because of the surreal environment that it creates. The water of this waterfall has a tinge of blue-green and is surrounded by red earth, which creates an idyllic sight.

The colorful tinge in water seems nearly impossible amidst the red earth. The reason why you see such a beautiful blend of colors in the water is the high calcium carbonate content.

4. Iguazo Falls

Have you ever seen an island emerging from water? The Iguazo Falls, located at the border of Brazil and Argentina, gives you a sight that you’ll remember for times to come. It is the widest waterfall in the world. The natural wildlife that grows amidst the waterfall gives the impression that an island is emerging from the waterfall and is floating in the sky. In reality, it never really leaves the land. The botanical interest that this waterfall contains is what makes it one of the most unusual waterfalls of the world.

5. Glowing Horsetail – Yosemite

Nature will never miss an opportunity to surprise you. The Firefall in the Horsetail Fail is a breathtaking natural phenomenon that occurs every year in February for 10 days. It is located in the Yosemite National Park in California. The waterfall glows in a way that gives an impression of flowing lava from an erupting volcano. The phenomenon lasts for a few minutes only just after the sun sets and casts an orange-colored glow on the flowing water. The intensity of the light is so intense that it appears as if lava is flowing into the abyss.

6. Blood Falls – Antarctica

Blood Waterfall is the strangest waterfall of the world, which is still unknown to the masses. The front face of Taylor Glacier in McMurdo Dry Valleys, located in Antarctica, has a waterfall that is a color of blood. This particular region of the Taylor Glacier is one of the strangest regions in the world. The Blood Falls is a fascinating natural wonder which not many people know of. The waterfall has deep red-colored saltwater emanating from the Taylor Glacier – a sight that you just can’t imagine until you see it for yourself!

7. McWay Beach Waterfall – USA

McWay Beach Waterfall is located in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park in California, USA. It is a majestic waterfall that drops about 80 meters directly into the Pacific Ocean. It is a natural spectacle that is the major attraction of this site.

Our planet is earth is full of surprises. This list of most unusual waterfalls of the world would surely have you thinking what more is there to see.

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